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Key Associates' Style division specializes in interior decorating,
redesign and design transitioning.

Interior Decorating / Design - By the room or by the house, helping you create the beautiful space you desire while incorporating comfort and function to fit your lifestyle.

Redesign - Quick-fix solutions for creating a fresh new look in your home, often times using existing furnishings.

Design Transitioning - Assessing needs and helping create a beautifully decorated new retirement home using your treasured furnishings - - often in creative new ways.

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Lightening up the linens for summer

A warmer winter option

The following examples show before - and - after photos of a townhome transformation.  Besides interior design,
Key Associates saw to divestment of the entire contents of the home. 

Here is a great example of Key Associates' "Afternoon Redesign".
What a difference a couple of hours can make!